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Amongst our clients are the largest banks, retail chains, financial institutions, insurance companies and carriers. Our company offers solutions for mobile communication and takes into account company’s specific business position and requirements. We also automate customer communication services, introduce new technologies, integrate company's infrastructure with our SMS, Push, IM and chat platforms

Banks and financial institutions

  • Least cost delivery scenarios
  • Secure customer notification: delivery of transaction and service messages
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to personal accounts and mobile applications: delivery of authorization codes and IMSI verification
  • Marketing communication services
  • Transaction message enrichment: adding spending classification, geolocation, branding, merchant logos
  • Creation of customer profiles and real time marketing based on behavioral analysis

Insurance companies

Notification service:

  • Latest updates on insurable events
  • Notifications about payments, charges and contract changes
  • Notifications and reminders about examination data
  • Claim statuses and claim settlement control
  • Notifications about discounts and promotions


Communication service:

  • Collect feedback via chats and social networks
  • Set up a personal account based on USSD-services


 Automation serivce:

  • Insurance application
  • Claim status tracking
  • Quality of service assessment

Online medical assistance

  • Chat-bots: automate processing of application forms, queues and requests
  • Remind about appointments and send reports using channels preferred by your customerrs
  • Use marketing campaigns, targeted messaging and geo-location services
  • Connect specialists from different time zones to one single communication solution to provide 24/7 consultancy. Stay connected in messengers and social networks

Trading platforms

  • Customer profile research based on communication data
  • Automation of marketing messaging: latest products, promotions and offers
  • Organization of communication workflow: personal offers, sales communication and feedback monitoring


  • Keep in touch with your customers: send notifications about flight and cargo status, send required information to staff/employees and service units
  • Integration of SMS, push-notifications, emailing with loyalty programs
  • Deployment of chat operator workplace


  • Notification service: your customer will get information about purchases, delivery, promotions at the right time
  • Real-time two-way communication via web chats, mobile apps and messengers.
  • Geolocation to show latest information on phone locked screen

Contact centers

Ready-made solutions for chat-center:

  • Web-interface for operator, supervisor and manager
  • Available channels: web chat, mobile app, email, messengers and social networks.
  • Chat bots

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