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Real-time marketing

Discover your customers and improve servicing of their needs
Location-based notification service

We send individual offers in the right place at the right time. For example, we can send discount offer while customer is near the specific shop. This significantly increases effectiveness of your loyalty programmes

Risk evaluation based on customer behavior

We find robust patterns of customer behavior based on statistical analysis. Then we use them to decrease outflow of customers, improve evaluation of financial risks and create new products personalized for each customer

Omnichannel analysis

We analyse all your digitals channels so you can build the rigth marketing strategy for each of them. Use the results of our work to choose the right timing, delivery scenarios and parameters of your messaging campaigns



Editor of marketing scenarios where you can configure account timers, states, events and subcampaigns


Editor + certified templates


  1. We make rules and triggers for you business goals
  2. We create potential customer profiles
  3. We develop messages and notifications to potential customers based on robust analysis of customer behavior
  4. We test scenarios on historical data and make templates
  5. We test scenarios and templates on real selected customers

Transaction data enrichment

Improve existing services using new customer data

Digital services add-on

User-friendly and eye-catching view of transaction data: picture of spending category, merchant logo, location data and other

Increasing number of card transactions

Customers start considering bank as financial adviser.  After 2 months of use, the number of cash withdrawals goes down by 15%

Push - notification

Data visualization leads to significant cost-optimization of SMS-traffic and increase in response rate



Use our mobile platform to communicate with customers in real time

Mobile application

White Label application or SDK to integrate into existing application

Our numbers

  • Category identification > 90%
  • Logo identification – 60 %
  • Exact address identification >70%
  • Geo-location identification >70%
  • Brand name identification > 90%
  • Number of transactions containing correctly matched merchant in major Russian cities – 89.87%