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USSD represents cross-platform, user-friendly service working through mobile signal network

What is USSD used for?

USSD allows real-time interactions with customers. It’s a perfect replacement for IVR, and can supplement SMS-based services. Users enter short, easy-to-remember sequences to:

Check account info (balance, status)

Answer polls and give customer feedback

Activate services or products

Get news and forecasts

Get customer support



session-oriented technology


no data stored on device


short commands and no app needed

  • High speed
  • Minimal use of network bandwidth
  • High capacity (up to 1,000 simultaneous sessions)
  • High reliability (with bypass of intermediary information storage)

Why mfms°?

  • We combine innovation and automation to deliver measurable cost optimization.
  • Our Enterprise Messaging Platform is a single, universal tool to processs all communications.
  • Our APIs are simple and well-documented.
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Your Personal manager is always in touch

Are you ready to use USSD?

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