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50% of users spend more than 3 hours a day on their mobile devices

Boost customer engagement with push-notifications!
  • Promote products and send offers to increase sales
  • Keep your customers engaged
  • Share the latest news
  • Send reminders of time-based promotions
  • Use action buttons


Save money on messaging, move away from expensive channels


93% of messages are delivered, the rest are backed up by SMS and Viber


Service availability - 99.98%
Support - 24/7

Service features

Delivery settings

Configure delivery scenarios, set time parameters and channel types.

Use adaptive timeout settings.

Use delivery schedule that takes into account customer's time zone.

Delivery back-up

Use alternative channel such as SMS or Viber to back up push-notifications if it is not delivered within the configured timeout.

Subscriber database

Customers constanlty connect new devices and change push-notification settings. Use our SDK database to view and edit their push-addresses if necessary.

Create and send rich push notifications

The service allows you to transform simple text to attractive message. Messages can be supplied with transaction images, merchant logos, map locations and interactive elements.

Proactive engagement via chats

You can transfer an ongoing dialogue from any channel to mobile application chat

Personalized push-notifications

Track customer's location, demographics, in-app behavior and lifestyle. Send personalized messages to each customer.

Our numbers

21 million

Push-notifications per day


Push-notifications are delivered


One-time passwords are delivered

Easy integration for all types of devices

User-friendly personal account

Online-statistics, delivery scenarios, management of valued added services


Advanced SDK for all types of iOS and Android devices plus full documentation


Use our API to launch push-notification delivery campaign