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Send important SMS to any mobile phone anywhere in the world

  • Support for all mobile devices
  • Direct channels with mobile operators
  • Bulk messaging
  • Inbound SMS box
  • SMS polls
  • One time passwords
  • Mobile advertising

News, marketing, transactional and service messages through push notification services on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other mobile devices.

  • 90% delivery rate
  • Delivery back-up via SMS or Viber
  • Subscription database management
  • Secure data channel
  • Personalized content

Mobile self-service: messaging through short codes and shortcuts.

  • Support for all mobile devices
  • Scenario configuration
  • Unlimited number of submenues
  • Secure data channel

Send messages to more than 900 million Viber users

  • Message length up to 1000 charachers
  • Send texts, links and media
  • Delivery status
  • Delivery using customer's phone number

Marketing and informational mails containing promotions, special offers, financial and technical reports

Use single or multiple solutions

Least-cost delivery scenarios: save up to 35% of budget, pay for delievered messages only. Choose scenarios, set priorities, schedule and delivery speed for every channel

Our advantages

Simple integration through advanced  API for all communication channels

Support for all types of devices

High productivity.  Messaging speed - 1500 messages per second


24/7 Support

Delivery all over the world

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