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All messaging services delivered by mfms̊ can be managed in-house by means of our product HUB̊

HUB˚ automates omnichannel customer messaging across web and mobile channels




Viber Service Messages

IM (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Slack)

Social networks (Facebook, OK, VK)




Advantages of HUB˚

All your messaging channels housed in one solution

Cost-cutting with SMS to Push migrations

Drive customer engagement with targeted campaigns

Ensure that you communicate through the channels your clients use the most

Marketing messages in Messengers with higher conversion

IT challenges we solve

  • One solution to consolidate all your messaging onto an omnichannel UI
    Ease in connecting all SMS aggregators and Telecom operators to a single solution
  • Extensive integration capabilities to connect with Processing, Core Banking, CRM, and i&m banking solutions
  • Detailed monitoring, reporting and audit features
  • Active-Active configuration
  • Linear scalability

Integration in the company's infrastructure

Notification processes automation & simplification

Guaranteed omni-channel delivery


Ready-to-use APIs

  • SMPP
  • SOAP web-services

Great integration experience

  • Oracle Advanced Queuing/IBM MQ
  • JMS
  • RPC
  • File exchange
  • Proprietary protocols

Plug&play architecture allows you to create and implement new connectors of any type

Our solution: Automation and Simplification

  • Easy-to-use web GUI for operators and adminsChannels and message types
    • Templates and schedules
    • Delivery priorities
    • Time zones
    • Delivery speed
  • Configuration:
    • Channels and message types
    • Templates and schedules
    • Delivery priorities
    • Time zones
    • Delivery speed
  • Broadcasts:
    • Automated or manual
    • Scheduled
    • Parameter-based
    • Time zones
    • Delivery speed
  • Detailed audit, monitoring and reporting features

Guaranteed omnichannel delivery


incoming/outgoing, flash, invisible


database of devises, PUSH2SMS, any content of any size, SMS-fallback,blind push, local push, rich push

Instant messaging

Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Line, etc

Social Networks

Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki


authorized and non-authorized


easily integrated into existing applications




request-answer, menu

Reliability, Availability, Scalability

  • Demonstrated performance of 1,000 messages per second
  • Active-Active and Active-Passive configuration support
  • Proven availability rate greater than 99.9%
  • Linear horizontal scalability
  • Load balancing
  • Back-up management

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