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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA prevents unauthorized access to confidential information. Use one-time passwords or digital pin-codes to protect customer's personal data and your own business. You can implement customer authentication and authorization via SMS, push-notifications or messengers.

Phone number verification (IMSI)

Service of user validation and detection of unauthorized SIM card usage. Prevent unauthorized access to services and personal accounts

  • Database of reference values
  • Pre-delivery IMSI verification for all types of messages
  • Whitelist of customers

How IMSI-check works

Step 1

We fill database with IMSI reference values for each customer. To do so, at the time of customer registration (CRM or other system), we automatically request mobile operator for reference values

Step 2

Before sending an important message, we request for customer's IMSI one more time and compare received value with the reference value

Step 3

Based on the results we follow pre-approved instructions. For example, instead of sending confidential information we ask to call a manager

Our advantages

We prevent fraud every day

24/7 Support

1000 requests per second

Network and hardware back-up

We also show mobile number portability data used for smart routing (MNP-lookup)