WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users, who send 60 billion messages per day. It is the world’s most popular messenger.


WhatsApp Business enables to communicate more efficiently with your customers: help them to choose products and manage their orders. It lets you quickly respond to messages and share payment information and documents. WhatsApp is a truly personalized channel, safe and secure.


The average user checks the app approximately 23 times per day.

Business Account Benefits

For customers

  • Get questions answered in one click
  • Communicate with company via preferred channel
  • Use convenient features and tools
  • Get a context-rich reply
  • Share information securely
  • Get personalized service

For business

  • Engage users in conversation
  • Automatic scaling and easy maintaining
  • Communicate in a safe way
  • Message customers on their preferred channel
  • Track messaging statistics: the number of messages successfully sent, delivered and read
  • Solve customer’s queries then and there
  • Improve customer experience

Business Account Features

Easy connection

Customer can reach out to you in WhatsApp using city phone number

Helpful information

In your business profile, you can add details like the company’s website, location and contact information

Official business account

Verified business account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and next to the header in the chat thread

Outbound messaging

Initiate or reactivate any conversation

Official communication

Businesses can interact with customers around the world

Sending Greeting Messages

  • by mobile phone number
  • pay for delivered messages only
  • introduce your customers to your business


You can reply to a customer’s message in the next 24 hours for free.

What You Need to Know

WhatsApp Business

We can help you to create and verify your business profile and message templates


Advanced API enables to integrate with other channels for growing customer engagement

Chat center Threads

Threads brings together all communication channels most important to your business. WhatsApp is a part of our communication platform powered by omni-channel digital connections and natural language processing algorithms

Case Studies: How Business Uses WhatsApp

Set an automated away message to WhatsApp chat when you are unable to answer your customers

  • Online stores and services
    Quick answers, product photos, payment information, delivery time

  • Banks and financial institutions
    Secure transfer and storage of information. Instant response to customer requests

  • Travel business
    Sending boarding passes, real time updating flight schedules, reservation confirmation

  • And that is not all!
    Customer satisfaction surveys, customer service, message analytics


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