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WhatsApp Business API powered by mfms° offers flexibility, security and scalability best suited to your business requirements


Why your business should be on WhatsApp?

As customers become more digitally savvy their expectations from brands are growing and new technologies/channels fueling the demand for communication convenience. Customers want to engage with brands on the channels they are accustomed to.
  • Rich message types

WhatsApp offers enriched messaging experience to make the communication more engaging. In addition to text messages, you can share images, pdf files as attachments, and locations, contact details and audio files.

  • Global reach

With huge user base of more than 1.5 billion, WhatsApp offers one of the largest customer reach through single platform. Irrespective of your customer’s location you can reach them on their phone.


  • Outbound Messaging
    Proactively send notifications to customers about your service to create more engaging interactions to shorten the sales cycle, faster conversions and better customer experience.

  • Two-way communication
    Reply to customer queries in real time. For in-bound customer messages you can reply by chat messages for free within 24 hours of support window. This allows for faster issue resolution producing better customer experience.

  • Highly secure end to end encryption
    End-to-end encryptions ensures only the recipient and sender has access to the content of the message and no one else in between and not even WhatsApp. End-to-end encryption is applied to all type of messages, videos, photos, documents you share with your customers.

Additional benefits offered by WhatsApp Business

Branded Profile

Create your company’s branded profile with helpful information like address, business description, email address and website

Contact Number of your choice

Make any number of your choice to be your verified WhatsApp Business

Pay for only successful message delivery

Unlike other messaging channels, you will get charged for only successfully delivered messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp = Higher Customer Engagement

Companies across industries are delivering better customer experience using WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp is making communication in every stage of sales cycle whether it’s support, inquiry or sales much faster and efficient. It is bringing brands closer to customers, where they can conveniently reach out companies and get query resolutions faster.


Speed up sales process by answering customer queries in real time. Increase customer convenience and shorten number of customer touchpoints needed in sales cycle.


Advanced features such as location, contact, audio and image sharing are taking customer support to next level with higher customer satisfaction rates.


Send service notifications right to customer’s mobiles ensuring higher engagement. Provide effective communication by attaching files.

Why mfms° API for WhatsApp Business is best suited for medium and large-scale enterprises?

  • Leverage existing investments
    Using mfms°API you can connect to WhatsApp Business directly. This way we offer you freedom to utilize your existing infrastructure of CCM and CRM systems. No big investments, no long implementation cycles, hassle-free customer communications.
  • Faster time to market
    With mfms° API we help you get up and communicating with your clients on WhatsApp faster. We take care of registering your WhatsApp Business account and help you in creating and getting your message templates approved.
  • Customized Pricing
    We understand every business need is unique and so we offer customized pricing best suited to every enterprise customer. You can either choose for our standard packages or request customized one if you have different requirements.
  • Data security
    WhatsApp Business API powered by mfms° offers enterprise grade security for data processing. We don’t read or save any of your data, which flows directly from your systems to WhatsApp through our API where it gets encrypted before sending to customers.
  • Seamless integration with other systems
    mfms° WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with your existing CRM and CCM systems with ease. If you want to digitally transform your customer communication to create consistent omni-channel presence you can even choose our enterprise unified customer communication platform - THREADS.



  1. Create Facebook Manager profile
  2. Register your official WhatsApp Business account, phone number, and message templates
  3. Fill up your business information and launch your WhatsApp Business profile
  4. Link mfms WhatsApp Business API to your system


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